I’ve always loved industrial style, and after many tries and fails (much like with my hair, for years I hoped for movie star hair until I finally just accepted that I don’t have full, thick, gorgeous Cindy Crawford hair. Instead I have thin, limp Karlee Kloss hair (minus uh, the face and legs and, well, all of it). So I finally accepted that no matter how good of a cut or color I had, nothing could change the thickness or texture of my hair (and, uh, now I have extensions lol). Same with industrial style, you can add as much stainless steel and tolix as you want, if you live in a suburban ranch, there’s just no way your house is going to look like a loft! The key is in the architecture, the old concrete walls, the brick, the years of paint peeling. So while as much as I would love this look since both of my homes are prefab, neat clean condos, it’s not happening (and I have actually lived in real lofts and guess what? They’re cold!). So I’m content just to enjoy from a distance, I hope you do too!

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