How to Revert to WordPress Classic Editor

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How to Revert to WordPress Classic Editor

With last week’s release of WordPress 5.0, the Gutenberg, or block editor is now the default editor for WordPress.  While the Gutenberg editor has a lot of positives, for one reason or another you may want to revert back to the classic editor.  Fortunately, an easy plugin makes this super simple to do.  Feel free to watch my video below or keep scrolling for step by step instructions:

All you have to do is upload and activate the Classic Editor plugin.  I have a full tutorial on how to add a WordPress plugin here, but in a nutshell:

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.  In the search box, type in “Classic Editor”.  This should be one of the first plugins that appears and the author is WordPress Contributors.  Simply click the “Install Now” button, and when plugin is finished installing, when prompted click “Activate.”  That’s it! 

Now, you can go to Posts > All Posts, and when you hover over a post title, you will see the option to use either the Block Editor or Classic editor.  Easy peasy! 

A few notes:  be aware that this is a huge development and rollout for WordPress, so there are definitely going to be bugs and glitches.  It will probably be quite awhile before things are perfectly smooth with Gutenberg, but this is a quick fix if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the new editor.  You should also check out my great tutorial on how to use the Gutenberg/Block Editor here as it walks you through all the different features step by step! 

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