How to Fix Problems Every Designer Faces

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How to Fix Problems Every Designer Faces

Computers can be tricky at the best of times, but when you are a designer, computer malfunctions can be even more troubling. When you have computer issues, it can mean that you lose the project you have been working on and even leave you unable to work for an extended period of time. However, most problems have easy DIY solutions and can be fixed quickly with the right technical knowledge. 

WordPress Solutions 

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms on the internet, with 30% of all websites currently being powered by WordPress. Although WordPress is a powerhouse for website design, creating sleek custom websites for both business and personal usage, the platform has its own complications. 

Internal Server Errors: For example, one of the biggest issues with WordPress are internal server errors. However, these are relatively easy to fix. You can either check your .htaccess for corruption by accessing your file through FTP or increase your PHP memory limit; sometimes server errors can be due to memory limits, and this can be fixed through editing the code. 

Add-ons: If your WordPress issues are design based, there are a host of WordPress plug-ins to help you with your design issues. In particular, images and charts are notoriously difficult to manage in WordPress, but this could be made easier with applications such as Gallery by Envira, which optimizes images in high definition and can make your designs look great on all devices, from computers to mobiles. 

Mobile Optimization

With over 52% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, optimizing your website design for mobile users is important if your website is going to meet its visitor goals. Additionally, how we use websites on our mobiles is completely different from how we use them on laptops. Whereas we have traditionally had a longer concentration span when using laptops, we often use mobiles when we are traveling or trying to find information quickly. 

Simplicity: Therefore, it is important to keep your website design simple and easy to follow, with a limited number of pages. This will enable viewers to focus on the key information, which is most likely to be found on your homepage. 

Flash: Additionally, you should avoid using applications which are not compatible with all mobile devices, such as Flash, notoriously incompatible with Apple products. 

Pop-ups: You should also avoid using pop-ups and creating buttons which are too small as these can be frustrating to the user and mean that they are more likely to click away from your site. 

Windows Updates

One of the most frustrating elements of using a computer can be their tendency to update during the middle of an important piece of work. However, this is even more frustrating when your computer freezes during an update, leaving you with a blank screen for hours afterward. 

Guides: However, there are many methods you can use to lessen the impact of updates, such as forums which suggest when updates are coming as well as DIY internet guides that can give you helpful hints if your Window 10 start menu is not working

Troubleshoot: You can run the troubleshooter in your settings, which will enable you to locate the problem with your update and automatically find a solution without having to fiddle with the technology yourself. 

Slow Internet

If your internet connection is slowing your projects down, there are many tried and tested ways to get your Wi-Fi running again. 

Broadband Plan: To find out why you have slow internet, you should check your broadband plan. While you will never reach the top speeds available, if you are not connecting at the speed that your plan provides, you should contact your provider or change providers to one that has good internet speeds in your area. 

Restart and Reposition: Some simple tips to increase your internet speed is to restart the router or reposition it into an area that is nearer your electronic devices or which has less wireless interference such as insulation. 

Background Programs: However, if your internet speed is still not up to scratch, you should check that no large programs are running in the background as these can use up your connection and slow down your internet speed.

Fixing your computer’s issues not only helps your design skills, but it couldn’t be simpler with these DIY tips, enabling you to focus on your website and logo design rather than on a slow internet connection or Windows updates. Having solutions to these problems in your repertoire is vital to speed up the process and allow you to get back to designing, minus the frustration and anger that using a computer can sometimes create. 

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