How to Edit Unite Gallery

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How to Edit Unite Gallery

One of the most popular gallery plugins for WordPress is Unite Gallery, available here. It offers a number of options and it’s easy to use, and the image display is fantastic, very clear and bright, retina-friendly, etc. We use this plugin a lot in our custom blog design and site design packages, so today I’ll show you how to easily add, delete or edit images in your gallery.

Here is an example of how the gallery looks when used on a page:


Step 1

To add or edit images in your own gallery, go in your WordPress dashboard to Unite Gallery > Galleries

Step 2

If you have more than one gallery installed, choose your gallery, and click the blue Edit Items button. This will take you to your gallery images.

Step 3

To add a new image to your gallery, click on the blue Add Images button. You will be directed to the WordPress media uploader where you can add a new image from your computer or from your Media Library.

Step 4

To delete an image, just click your mouse on the image, and then click the Delete button.

Step 5

You can edit the title of an image or link it to a page or other website by clicking on the image you want to add a title or link to, and clicking the Edit Item button.

Step 6


A window will pop up where you can add a title and choose to enable a link. Just paste your link into the window, and click the Update button at bottom of the window. Your image will now be linked.

As you can see, this is a very easy gallery to use, and it’s easy to add, delete and edit images with it. If you have any questions, leave a comment below!



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