How to Add Shop My Instagram to Your Blog

You have probable seen these “Shop This Look” widgets that fashion bloggers put in their blog posts or pages to share their OOTD posts:

Cute, right?  Well did you know that you can also make a whole Shop My Instagram page with the Shopstyle Collective widgets?  That way, you can post OOTDs on Instagram and link back to your Shop My Instagram page so that followers can visit your blog or site and buy the items you’re wearing (and you get a commission – sweet!)  You can watch my video tutorial here, or scroll down for step by step instructions:

Step 1:
Go to and sign up for an account

Step 2:
In your Shopstyle Collective dashboard, in the upper left corner, click on the Collection button

Step 3:
Under Create a Collection, name your collection (I suggest using a name like “Shop My Instagram”) and click the blue Save button.

Step 4:
Now you just want to copy the Embed code.  Next, navigate back to your blog or website.

Step 5:
Now, just head over to your blog post or page that you want to add the widget to.  If you want to add a new page, you can check out my tutorial on how to add a new page to your blog or website here.  Make sure that you click on the Text, not Visual tab in your page editor.  Just place your cursor where you want the widget to appear and either CTRL + V or CMD + V to paste the code into your post or page. Save the post or page as a draft. Go BACK to

Step 6:
Back in Shopstyle,  just click over to My Looks, and then click the Create Look button in the upper right corner of page

Step 7:
Click to upload a photo.  This should be the SAME photo that you will use on your Instagram post.  Then click the blue Next button in the upper right corner.

Step 8:
Now comes the fun part.  You get to add the products that you are wearing in your photo to the Look.  You can search by Retailer, Brand, Category, etc.  So in this photo I am wearing green J.Crew shorts and black Cole Haan sandals.  I can search by brand and retailer to find the products I am wearing.  Note:  of course ShopStyle does not have every piece of clothing made in their inventory, so I suggest that if the items you are wearing are not available, you just search around to find something similar.
After you have added ALL of your products, click the blue Next button in the upper right corner.

Step 9:
Now you can add the details to your Look.  Add a caption (similar to an instagram caption).

Scroll down past the Write a Caption section and here you can add hashtags (Shopstyle suggests some hashtags) and most importantly, add your new Look to a Collection.  You want to be SURE to add your new look to the Collection that you created in Step 3, Shop My Instagram.  Down below the Add to a Collection area is a section where you can rearrange the order of your products if you wish.  When done, click the blue Finish button in the upper right corner.

Step 10:

Now you will see the look you added in the Shop My Instagram Collection.

Since you have already added the Shop My Instagram Collection code in your new page back in Step 5, all you have to now is to navigate back to the draft page that you created.  Publish your blog post or page, and voila, your Shop My Instagram page is live!  It will look similar to the page here:

Readers can simply click on the photo and it will expand to show the products you are wearing in the photo.  NOW if you want to make your Instagram posts shoppable, go to your Instagram account.  I suggest you do this on your iphone.  Upload the SAME photo that you used for your Shopstyle Look as an instagram post.  You can add a caption and hashtags, and most importantly, so that followers can find your Shop My Instagram page and shop the posts, you will want to simply go to your Instagram profile, and under the link for Website, just replace whatever link is there with the link to the new post or page that you created in Step 5.  So for this example, I created a page called Shop My Instagram, so the link that I will paste in Instagram will be

You can simply highlight the page link in your browser and CTRL + C or CMD + C to copy the link, and then paste it in your Instagram profile.  I always like to add a little note in my caption that followers can go to my Bio to shop the look since you can’t paste a clickable link in an Instagram caption.

You can create a whole Shop My Instagram page with multiple looks by simply following Steps 6 through 9 above to add new Looks to your Shop My Instagram collection.  Your collection widget will be automatically updated every time you add a new look, no need to do anything else except to make sure that you add your look to the Shop My Instagram collection.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to answer!

*NOTE:  The Shop the Look widget will NOT work on blogs, only self-hosted, or  To read about the difference please check out my article here.


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