Höst + Väkst

So, my trip planning for Scandinavia has begun, and like I said before, my trip research is mainly just checking out at my fave Scandinavian photographers and stylists on Behance, and then virtually stalking their shoots.  As mentioned, all I really care about on this trip is the design.  Scandinavians have it all over, hands down, blow everyone else out of the water when it comes to their aesthetics, I pretty much worship them.  Anyway, as I was doing my research, I came across Höst + Väkst.  What is a Höst??  What is a Väkst??  The romance languages I can always basically figure out, but I am totally lost when it comes to Danish.  However.  I know what a Sweetbread with Edible Crab and Fennel is.  And I know what Curdled Milk Fromage Dream Cake is.  Sooooo, I think I have my Copenhagen dining figured out.  The photos above are from Väkst which is I guess the vegetarian brother of Höst, (photos taken from this fab article at We Heart) all of the Cofoco restaurants look good, but these two I’m definitely making a point to get to.





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