Hipster Holiday Playlist

Happy Holidays!  Party season is in full swing by now, and while I’m always posting about interior decor and cute design tips, one of my real loves is music.  I love music and totally could not live without it!  I also think outside the box when it comes to tunes, sure Ed Sheeran and Rihanna are fine (and I have a not-so-secret love affair with Taylor Swift: that girl is a class act in my book!) but my tastes tend towards things that are a little more indie/alt.

People really overlook their party soundtrack when it comes to entertaining, but music sets the tone for the whole event!  So if you want to impress your hipster friends, check out my totally obscure, carefully curated holiday playlist.  This is perfect for a chic, low-key cocktail or dinner party, it’s pretty ambient/trip hop, but it’s perfect mood music that will definitely take your affair to the next level, enjoy and click here for link or listen below on Spotify!



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