Hexagon Perfection

When we bought our new condo last year, one of the nicest housewarming gifts I received was something I would never even think of: paper plates! Actually they weren’t paper, they were plastic, but they were so cute, it was just a little set of matching heavy plastic plates, napkins and nice, nice heavy duty disposable cutlery. For a minute I was like oh, kind of tacky right, but no! Those things have come in SO handy. For like, delivering baked goods (okay the only time I bake is at Christmas but still) and impromptu Spades/pizza party (my 40-something friends and I love nothing more than to blast rap and play Spades late into the night like we’re 19 lol), so easy!

So I kind of developed this little mini-obsession with disposable dinnerware, and it turns out there is so much cute stuff out there! Like, super chic and cool too. Anyway, I’m just dying over this hexagonal dinnerware from Harlow and Gray that I discovered on Pinterest, how flipping adorable is it? So if you love to entertain like I do, this is definitely something to consider, think outside the box (or hexagon!)


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