Hermès Inspiration + The Birkin Caper

Did I ever tell you guys the story of my knock-off (ahem, replica) Birkin?  This was back in the 90s.  I was living in NYC, and my girlfriend got the hookup from Queens (Queens!).  I paid the cash (and it was not a negligible amount either) and my friend pulled up in a cab (pre-Uber) and we literally did the hand-off through the window, well, Queens-style.  It was actually an excellent replica, I would never do that today because the laws have changed and I’m not really in the habit of breaking them, and I have since acquired some actual legit Hermès items (don’t get excited, we’re talking wallets and belts here), but it was one of those iconic New York moments that will live on in my memory.  I loved that bag too, I would stroll into Hermès with it and they literally did not bat an eye (although they didn’t look at it up close either).  If you’re a twenty-something living in the city girl, let me tell you, it’s hard!  That bag gave me a little boost of confidence, and it stoked my lifelong love for the brand.

I love the orange, the gold, the understated hardware, everything about Hermès makes my little heart sing, so in honor of their style I designed this inspiration board.  I hope you like it, and remember, if you have a brand or vibe you want translated to a custom blog design, website design or logo design, let Little Blue Deer help you out today!  As a blog designer, it’s my goal to create a chic and unique vision for your own personal space on the web, so get in touch today and let us bring your vibe to life!  And if you’re a Hermès fan, check out my Pinterest board here.  Enjoy!





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