Hermès + Hooves




I’ve been to a bunch of horse shows, but I’ve actually never been to a real-life horse race.  Well, I made it this weekend, and it wasn’t Saratoga or Pimlico, and there were no fancy hats (well, one token hat) but it was still very fun.  I love anything horses, thank God horses were a little too expensive for a childhood hobby in my house (ha ha I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to college!) but I have other family members who ride so I’ve been able to experience the whole show circuit without physically getting on a horse (oh and fyi horse shows have the best shopping).  So I’m always delighted to go near anything that involves hooves.  I also love all of the accoutrements that go along with riding, boots, jodhpurs, anything Hermès.  So I hope you like my fall fashion inspo for the day, and if you’re going riding, have a good trip!

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