Hello, Flamingo

This is just one of those photos that really makes me happy!  If I ever get married again (God let’s hope not!) I want pink flamingos on my cake.  And a little sign that says Yay!  What do you think this is to celebrate I wonder?  Anyway, I just ran across this on Pinterest, like the rest of world, when I need a little mental break during the day but can’t get up from my desk, I usually browse Facebook or Pinterest.  But now I’m off Facebook because I’m So. Over. It.  Instead of being cute and fun it’s like, a war!!!  A war between friends!  I keep my opinions to myself precisely for this reason, everyone is totally entitled to feel the way they feel, I actually think that’s fantastic!  But the sniping, the negativity, I just can’t take it!  So I look for happy flamingos on Pinterest, and there you go, I’m rejuvenated and refreshed, just like that.

I hope your weekend brings you lots of flamingos and lots of Yay!

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