Hat Hat Hooray!

Hat, hat, hooray!  It looks like its sunny pretty much everywhere across the country this weekend, which means that everyone is probably out, enjoying the holiday festivities and soaking it all in.  When I was little, the last thing you could do was get me to put on a hat, but now I kind of love hats, and its kind of out of necessity.  Nothing damages and ages skin more than sun exposure (and believe me I’m now working to hard to reverse effects that could have been prevented simply by more sunscreen and hat-wearing in my former years).  So I’ve started a little hat collection – I have ball caps of course which are kind of my go-to for out and about days around here (Go Red Sox!!), my visors for tennis, and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect straw hat.  I have a few but I still haven’t found “the one” yet, these are some of my favorites above, though I think it’s more that they’re on some super-fashionable bloggers and instagrammers and look super chic, and then I’m posting some other shoppable picks below, anyway, I’m so happy I finally got into the hat game and I hope you do too!

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