Happy Gal-entine’s Day!

Happy day before Valentine’s Day!  I know, I must live under a rock, but I just this year found out about Gal-entine’s Day, and I love it!  I’m married and truly love my husband so the romance of V-Day does not pass me by, but man, what would I do without my girlfriends?!  From Facebook friends met through blogging that I’ve actually never met to my very best girlfriend Nicole (her husband said to mine one time, as long as we die at the same time, Shari and Nicole will be okay because they’ll have each other), I could not make it through even one day without my gals.  I’ve never seen other women as a threat, and I’m possessive as heck of my posse!  My friends make me feel cooler, hotter, happier and all around better than I would ever feel navigating the world on my own.  When I meet a new woman, I get excited about the possibility of a new friend.  It’s a wonderful way to live, we should raise each other up and revel in our sisterhood rather than break each other down.  So whether you’re flying solo or long-time married, treat yourself tomorrow, here’s some inspiration from yours truly, love ya’ll all!


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