So, last year I became, officially Green.  That’s Green with an uppercase G, not lower, though I definitely always try to do my part (though I’ll be honest laziness can ensue).  But my husband is a Green, so now I’m technically one, even though you better believe I won’t be changing my name and trust me it’s not because I disavow the patriarchy, I disavow long lines at the DMV and Social Security office!  I did that once, once was enough.  But I’m trying to get into the green thing, fortunately this as a last name, even if it’s unofficial, comes with plenty of fab alliteration opportunities (team Green anyone?!).  I’m also trying to get in the spirit by cultivating my green thumb, here are some of my fave greenscapes this month!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }




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