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March is upon us, and while for a lot of people this means April showers and spring flowers around the corner, for northern New Englanders, it means nothing but more snow, blustery wind, and then mud. I learned last year not to even think about planting a flower till the end of May (unless you want to plant, dig up, buy new, and replant a few times lol) so my thoughts have turned to indoor plants. I think that’s going to be my thing this year. So many of the interior decor instagram accounts I love have one thing in common and that’s abundant greenery, it’s really amazing how far it can go to make your home look warm and welcoming. Of course, I always think too well, plants are just one more thing, like pets, to take care of ha, and honestly some of them are just as much work! So I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for easy to care for yet attractive indoor plants, and see what I can do to keep it green in here! In the meantime, some of my favorite chic and simple fresh green inspiration to get your spring thing started right!

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