Green is Orange!

Happy Saturday!  Just sharing a little inspiration board here today, did anyone ever notice that there is not a speck of blue on my website for Little Blue Deer?  I started off of course with a tiny blue deer (you actually might still spot him in a signature on a post from like, 2009 lol) but I’ve clearly evolved, and same with this logo layout, there’s something I like about not being so darn overt in web design.  If it says blue, make it pink! If it says green, make it orange!  I think design should be tongue in cheek and kind of subtle and fun, but I’m kind of a tongue in cheek kinda gal (and yeah, definitely subtle).  Anyway, enjoy, and if you want to see some more of our inspiration boards be sure to check this page out, and if you’re interested in a chic, sophisticated logo design, check out our logo design package here!






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