Graphic Black + White

So I woke up to the nicest retweet from Amara Interior Blog Awards about my post 5 Easy Ways to Display Black and White Art (go back and check it out here!), and it got me thinking about the sheer awesomeness of adding graphic black and white artwork to any decor.  It seriously goes with anything, it offsets super femme and frilly, it adds a visual punch to a neutral space, and you never have to worry about color matching because, well, it’s black and white.

Once again, those Scandinavian bloggers have it all over when it comes to perfecting black and white.  These photos from Swedish photographer Patricija Dacic at Fotografiboxen are some of my favorites, her eye for stark imagery is beyond.  I feel like she’s my visual soulmate, albeit with much more talent.

And if you’re digging the black and white vibe, and want to snag some of your own graphic black and white artwork, Little Blue Deer is now offering free printables (yay!).  More will be added soon, so be sure to keep stopping by, they come in a variety of sizes, from 11 x 14 to 4 x 6 and they’re totally free to download and enjoy.  Is there a quote you’d like to see?  Leave me a comment below.  Cheers!


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