Grand Jeté

Did everyone else do ballet too as a little girl?  Ya’ll, I luh-ved ballet.  I loved everything about it, the music, the dancing, the costumes; it was seriously the most exciting day of the year when our annual recital costumes got delivered!  I’m actually thinking about taking adult ballet lessons again, I run and play tennis every day and I’m bulking up like, I feel like I need to stretch out my muscles some.  We’ll see, my 2 new year’s resolutions were to really try hard to learn Spanish and to volunteer at the food pantry and sadly, neither have taken place.  So even if ballet lessons aren’t in the cards, I’m still loving the look!  Spring is right around the corner and it’s tulle time!  Photo sources below, and there are a ton of really cute and affordable tulle skirts here at Chicwish if you don’t want to totally commit!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }


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