I Got 99 Problems and My Hair is Definitely One




Have I posted about my hair lately?  If you know me, you’ll know that my hair is definitely my biggest problem.  Body, check (I’m a long distance runner).  Face, check, I do soap and water and Neutrogena anti-wrinkle, and as long as I stay out of the Florida sun, I think I’m in good shape.  But my hair, my God, my hair.  Now, at about 35 I realized that I am never going to have good hair.  It hit me like a ton of bricks:  Shari, you are never going to have shampoo commercial hair, no matter how much money you spend, yada yada.  So for a little while it was okay, I did a lot of ponytails, I tried Kerastase, I rocked the extensions (and still do, on occasion) but they’re gross in summer.  Then I moved and got a new hairdresser and while he did a good super blonde (I like it blonde, if it’s going to look like crap, it might as well have good color), it kind of got cracked out on the ends.  So now I’m just limiting the highlights to cover the gray (yup, I got that too) and once again, lots of ponytails.

So it’s not shocking that I’m pretty obsessed with good hair, I pin hairstyles all the time, and I literally can spend a whole hour, like at church or a meeting or something, lusting after some chick’s hair.  So these are some of my favorites, the humidity is dropping so we’re heading into a season I can work with, until then, I’ll just be loving on these!

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