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Royal purple and gold, feathers, flowers and chandeliers, it was another big day on the market yesterday so we’re all in a happy fantasyland right?  That might not be a fantasy lol.  I’m a firm believer that money is helpful, does that make sense?  I feel like while money doesn’t buy happiness, of course, that a little extra money can go a long way to help people, like, if you have to take a bus to work, an extra $5k a year might help you to buy a car which might give you a little more time to spend with your family in the mornings and at night and help you not be so rushed and stressed.  Or pay for a better daycare for your child, or take away some of the stress of juggling grocery bills; it just gives people a little more breathing room which I think makes them calmer and happier.  I doubt I’ll ever get to the point where I’m bathing in a bath of flowers every day (remember I said fantasyland right?!) but I’m feeling optimistic and it’s Friday to boot, hope everyone has a great weekend!  And if  you like these photos don’t forget to follow my Pinterest board, Go for Baroque!

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