I admit it, I am obsessed with globes.  When I was little, one of my best gifts ever (well, best gifts that did not involve Barbie dolls ha!) was a globe, I could look at it for hours.  I’m not the best at memorization so I wouldn’t say I was a geography whiz, but I just really, really like to know where things are.  I read a lot, and every time I read a book if it’s somewhere I’m unfamiliar with (I’m a big fan of Scandinavian murder mysteries so this happens a lot, lol) I have to zip over to Google Maps to check out where exactly everything is.  But the thing with maps and globes is that they’re usually so ugly, that’s why I was psyched to stumble upon these darling little globes and maps, in my favorite color scheme, pink, I think they’re so cute and different!

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