Girl Put Your Records On

I’ve been watching a lot of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel lately, thank goodness I found it, there is nothing better than the charming writing and acting and the gorgeous 50s style costuming to cheer you up and make you forget all that is going on in the world! So I was naturally drawn to these trendy mid-century credenzas, but you know what goes best with a mid-century credenza? A turntable. Sure we have Sonos and it’s crystal clear, but nothing beats the sound of an old, scratchy record when you first place the needle in the groove. I’m a big fan of old jazz, Dave Brubeck and Nina Simone always sound great on the turntable, and most modern artists have special vinyl releases too (in case you haven’t heard, vinyl is hipster), if you had a turntable, what would you play?

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