Gimme Some Vogue

Who else is feeling those winter blues?  Probably no one ha ha, you guys probably all live in big cities and are out and about a lot, living out in the country it can be overwhelming in winter to go out, and then I cancelled my regular hair and nail appointments just for a month or two while omicron calms down, I don’t really see many people in winter anyway and I figure I’m just one less person out and about in town (and yes I paid my hairdresser anyway ha ha not her fault) so why not lay low?  But boy can I feel it now, I have roots, uncut cuticles, not to mention that winter weight gain (though I run about 40 miles a week in the mountains so I’m calling it muscle mass – yeah right!).  Anyway, leggings and Uggs every day is wearing me down, though it’s comfortable, so I’m trying to get inspired and get my Vogue on!  It’s not pretty over here but I don’t want to have to do a mad scramble in April to whip back into shape…  baby steps!  Not to mention it is crazy busy here at LBD, so if you’re thinking about a blog, site or logo design, now’s the time to act!  Check out our Services to get on the list and figure out what you need, filling up fast! Anyway, enjoy the weekend, here’s to the glam!!

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