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Who else is getting crafty during this enforced downtime we all have? I saw someone on instagram said they were jumbling their socks just to sort them again, I hope no one has reached that point, but I bet Pinterest is absolutely overwhelmed with traffic, I’ve been so inspired by all of the creativity I’ve seen, especially for mothers with kids who have to fill up their days at home.

While this is a very serious matter and nothing to be made light of, I hope all of you can find some joy in time spent with family and maybe catching up on projects or with long-lost friends, one of my favorite things I’ve seen lately are some really fabulous gallery walls, so maybe that’s an idea, shipping is slow and zipping out to Homegoods or Hobby Lobby isn’t really an option right now, so what about rearranging your art and photos to create a gallery wall, using something old to make something new? Here’s some inspiration, and if you need a word of encouragement or want to share what you’re doing with your extra hours at home drop me a message below!

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  1. Good morning….I had to laugh about this post and the socks. I have a friend who is so caught up with all her chores around the house that she has taken to bleaching her clothespins. Gads!!! hahah\\\


    1. Oh my gosh now that is one I HAVEN’T heard!!! Ha ha bleach is at a premium she could also probably go into the bleach business on ebay lol!!! Thanks for reading Jo, your funny comment made my day!


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