Get a Loft, Paint It White

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is called Weathered Whites (check it out here and pin, pin away please I’m a friendly pinner!).  So I’m trying to start off this Monday on a high note, by posting some gorgeous photos.  As someone who dabbles in interior design it’s frustrating sometimes trying to replicate this look, so much of it is in the actual structure of a room.  I’ve mentioned before how Paris apartment photos always look so cool, if you’ve ever been to Paris you’ll know, it’s because of all the old buildings, the molding, the tile, the high ceilings, the window sashes:  genuine, antique furnishings that are really hard to replicate in your run of the mill flat.  That’s why I titled this post, “Get a Loft, Paint it White” because that’s about the closest you can come to getting this look in newer buildings.  But fortunately there’s tons of loft renovations going on across the country, even in small towns, so if you love this hip, chic, weathered look, it might be a cool thing to check out.  Enjoy!


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