Gardénia Chanel

I found the funnest little blog post on perfumes of the 1980s, and it totally brought me back.  Did you ever notice how smells can transport you to a time and place in the blink of an eye?  I have a great idea (one of many, lol) for Smell-o-vision movies.  Like, wouldn’t it intensify the moviegoing experience if we could smell things in the movies?  Could be good, could be bad, but just imagine, in a horror movie, they’re in a dark, scary basement, and you can smell the damp and dirt.  Or a really good dinner, and you can smell the food?  Beautiful love scene, you can smell perfume or cologne.  My husband thinks it’s a gross and terrible idea, but I’m sticking with it!  You heard it here first!  For me, the scent of my high school years is winterfresh gum and Eternity perfume.  It brings me back every single time (do they even still make Eternity?).  So I was inspired for a blog post by Gardénia Chanel, just a few inspirational images as always, enjoy!

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