Gallery Good

So last summer, when we bought our condo (you can read more about our 4 year condo drama here!), we had to, like you do, furnish it in a hurry. The dimensions were totally different from what we had before, it was bigger so we needed more stuff, and I stay really, really busy so like, we had to buy everything kind of in one fell swoop rather than wait around, lucky for my pocketbook I’m usually too busy to even go shopping so like, it just had to be done. Which honestly is kind of fine for furniture: neutral sectional, check, sleeper sofa, check, like, you buy the basics and then design around them.

But for artwork, I kind of fell down on the job. There’s nothing I like less than bare walls (well actually, I like overhead lighting less than bare walls, but otherwise, nothing) so I ended up buying artwork in kind of a rush and I’m not loving all of it. I don’t like to waste things so I’m keeping what I have but my new design mission for this year is to work on some gallery walls to zhush up the basic canvases we already have now). So here’s some of my favorite gallery wall inspiration lately, yay or nay?

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