Fur Fur Fabulous

So since we’ve decided to spend our winter in Vermont this year (which has been great so far since it’s been 95 degrees lol, I jest but honestly it has been their mildest winter in years) but we decided to put some time and money into our condo here to make it more of a home rather than just a vacation spot. And on top of regular work and also trying to engage with our friends here and live a life, I’m really struggling with the design. I made a huge mistake with paint color last week, which I’ll write more about this week, but also the decor part, or bric a brac, if you will, I’m just not able to pull it all together.

I was really going for a hygge kind of feel, along with a French cottage, it is very dark in Vermont in the winter (obvi) and our walls are pumpkin, hunter green and sage (and since I made the big mistake I am not painting over them right now), so I am trying to do light and bright decor around these colors to lighten it up. But I also wanted the cozy hygge feel, of which a key component is of course is fur. But all my fur (faux, also obvi) looks too dark and heavy for the decor now. So I’ve been snapping up all these inspiration pics on Pinterest for ideas of how to do fur light and bright, so far I have not been able to replicate but maybe they will help you! And I’d love any tips on how to pull this all together! Enjoy!

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