Fully Booked

How many books do you own?  I used to have shelves and shelves of them (and to move them, to quote David Sedaris, was like “moving a small doghouse.”  Heavy!  Dusty!  Old!  I miss them sometimes, a few in particular, but instead of sorting through them, which I knew would lead to serious regret problems, I had them hauled away in one fell swoop and quite frankly, I’m glad I did.  It’s streamlined now at Chez Deer, I have my ipad (with Overdrive ya’ll, my favorite app of all time).  Sick of paying for Kindle books?  With Overdrive, all you need is a library card and you can check out all the books (including new releases) that you want.  I read about 3-4 books per week and this has saved me.  Just search it on your ipad, easy peasy.  But I do sometimes still look back with regret on the lack of bookshelves in my house (I’m an English major btw), but now I just enjoy viewing book collections from afar.

These are some of my latest faves, and I’m loving the card catalog as storage chest!

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