From the Chandelier

While I’ve never swung, nor do I wish to, from a chandelier, that doesn’t stop me from having a minor obsession with them!  We have a little chandy problem though, which is that we have fans.  Fans and chandeliers don’t mix.  But we need our fans, honestly, our building keeps it so cold in the hallways and common areas that if we leave our balcony door open, the cold air is sucked right into our house and we end up with like, a $30 electric bill!  It’s the bomb, and I mean, who turns down free money?  But like with everything you can’t have, I still want chandeliers lol, but everywhere I would put one we have a fan soooo I have to make do with these.

Not quite sure how I feel about the oversized chandeliers (they seem a bit unwieldy) they’re still cool though.  Here’s some of my favorite offbeat picks lately, for something different!

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