Friday Inspiration Board

logo design by little blue deer

It’s Friday, are you feeling inspired?!  I love to create inspiration boards (you can view them all here) and I’m psyched to share another one with you guys!  I figured I may have overdone it with the black this week, so I’m switching it up with one of my favorite accent colors, fuchsia (why is it that I actually have to Google how to spell fuchsia everytime I write it?  Anyone else have this problem?!).   Turquoise always works with black, with yellow the design looks like a bumblebee, red like a football team and green and purple can just look like Mardi Gras, so pink is one of my favorite go-to ways to brighten up a black and white design.

Like what you see?  Don’t forget, Little Blue Deer also offers custom blog design, website design and logo design.  Summer is a great time for a new blog design, everyone’s work slows down in the summer and you have more time to do the stuff YOU love, so why not share it with the world with a custom blog design?  I have been a blog designer for over 7 years and I love helping clients bring their vision to life.  Are you a business owner?  Summer is a great time to revamp your brand, so consider a new logo design or website design to bling up your brand so you’re ready to hit the ground running for the busy fall season.  We’d love to help you, click here to get started today!



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