Fresh Florals

While browsing Pinterest for fresh blog post ideas, I came across these most gorgeous flower arrangements by photographer Carl Ostberg. I haven’t quite decided yet what we’ll do for Easter, thinking about supporting one of the local inns and restaurants here who are doing takeout prepared meals, we’re trying hard to buy local when we can, I’m in Vermont for the duration of this and Vermont’s business is tourism, it doesn’t have any other industry. So it’s a state whose economy is hit pretty hard, and we want to do our part.

But whatever we choose to eat or prepare, I always like to do a festive Easter table, even in times of unrest, and I’m sad I can’t buy flowers right now, and it’s still too early for a lot of yard blooms up here, so I’m contenting myself with these lovely, unique shots. I love a cool, sophisticated flower arrangement, I consider myself the anthurium of designers lol, no roses and baby’s breath here, and I always appreciate an offbeat arrangement, to view all of Ostberg’s gorgeous shots please visit his lovely gallery here!


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