Free Printables Monday

love solo framed

dear new york framed

love framed

Happy Monday!  Is it hard to get back to work or school on a Monday morning?  You know it!  Believe me, even though I work for myself, Monday is still definitely Monday, and I dread it just like everyone else, so if you’re dreaming of having your own business, yes it definitely has perks but like Fifth Harmony says, work is still work (or work work work work!).  So I’m sharing some freebies today, just a little thing I was going to do and finally got around to!  They’re just cool little pieces you can print out at home, pop in a little frame and sit on a desk or nightstand.  You can check them all out here, they’re all free to download, and if you have a quote or something you want to see, comment below, I’m always trying to add to it!

And if you’re looking for something more custom, don’t forget our custom blog design, website design and logo design packages!  I’m traveling for a few weeks in August so you definitely want to get on the list now so we can hit the ground running on my return.  If you want a unique, chic, and dare I say cool blog designer, check these out.  I’d love to work with you.  And have a magical Monday!


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