Fluffy Flokati




I’m all about some fluffy stuff!  Fall is here and I’m craving fluffy warm sweaters and fluffy warm throws!  I am a huge fan of flokati, sheepskin, fur, anything fuzzy I love (I think sometimes I might be emotionally 12 years old ;).  I had flokati rugs in my old house which had hardwoods, a little hard to keep clean (you have to shake, and I used a small wire brush to fluff up the mat when it got worn down) but they were really gorgeous.  My apartment now has really nice tile and also we live near a beach so it’s a little sandy, so I don’t have any rugs right now, but I have been using flokati throws on the furniture because of cat damage and they work great!  Unfortunately the kitties, though beloved, are a little destructive, but small flokati or sheepskin throws work great to toss across a sofa arm or ottoman to hide the worn spots.  Mine are pure white since my house is pretty much all aqua, silver and gold, but they are fantastic, they actually look super chic even though they are functional as well.  I got mine at TJ Maxx of all places, but even Ikea has the small ones and they’re inexpensive.  I just love the luxe look they add to any space, and they make you feel all warm and cozy (even if you don’t need to be).



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