Fluff n’ Flops

I’ll be the first to admit I have a big weakness for designer shoes. I actually honestly buy clothes at Walmart, no joke, but I was just at Dillard’s the other day in the shoe department with my niece, and I was like, nothing here appeals to me. Literally nothing. So I have fancy shoes tastes (which means I end up with about 2 new pairs of shoes a year lol). I’ve so far managed to avoid the fluff and fur trend (I guess it’s those fur Gucci loafers with the horse bit that started it all) but this past week, during a record heat wave here in South Florida, all I’ve seen is fluffy flip flops!

Ya’ll! This is a summer thing?? I’ve seen them with shorts and skirts, tank tops, so far not swimsuits but I guarantee they’re out there if I went to to the beach lol. Puffy, fluffy, fuzzy and beaded, I just can’t even imagine putting those things on my feet in 100 degree heat! Plus, they kind of look weird to me, like a winter thing, with shorts. Anyway, this is really just an excuse to post some fun fashion inspiration, but I really do want to know your take on the fluff and puff trend! Leave a comment below!

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