Flower Hour

Happy Easter weekend!  In all honesty, Easter is my least favorite holiday.  In fact, I dread Easter.  Why?  It has nothing to do with the miracle of the resurrection, I’m actually a fairly religious gal, it’s all about the summer for me.  To me, Easter is the Halloween of summer.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (c’mon man, slutty costumes AND candy??) and more importantly, it’s the harbinger of fall and winter, my two favorite seasons.  April is the harbinger of all that is unholy as far as I’m concerned, humidity, heat, rain, and the time when every sleazeball up and down the east coast seems to decamp on south Florida.  So I’m always depressed on Easter, only because of its calendar date even though its a joyous holiday.  So I’m posting some happy boho inspo to cheer me up, ya’ll enjoy!

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