Flokati Because I Have To

So we’re like, flokati’d out (I know that’s not a word, Google knows it’s not a word, but I just made it a word lol) at my house, not because we want to be but because we have to be!  Our problem is, cats!  Ya’ll, I think I should have gotten the cats declawed when they were kittens, I know, people are so against it, and we didn’t, but man are those guys destructive!  We’ve tried scratching posts, claw covers, professional nail trims, ay, they still seem to love the ottomans and the sofas best!  So our solution is pounds and pounds of flokati and I’m sick to death of it!  We throw rugs over every little thing they might possibly get on, I seriously need an alternative.  I am totally inspired by these gorgeous pics but if anyone has any ideas of what we can use outside of flokati throws to cover the furniture, bring it! 

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