Flatlay Circa 1920

Is anyone else feeling a bit of materialism hangover today?  Or let down after all the Christmas festivities (isn’t it weird that it’s Tuesday?!).  We had a pretty small Christmas, it wasn’t a frenzy of opening or spending, but sometimes it’s just so much stuff going on, even when you do a quick Publix run, it’s in your face to go faster and faster and buy, buy, buy (ha ha can you hear Jim Cramer screaming in your head?!).

Combined with social media these days where everything looks so perfect and polished, and really, what’s a flatlay but an opportunity to showcase all the cool stuff you own, right?  That’s why I was so tickled when I discovered this really cool instagrammer named Polly Florence, she does gorgeous flatlays and they all have that really lovely vintage feel to them, the first thing I thought when I saw them was like, oh!  This is what flatlays would look like if it were 1920!   Now, coming from a person who spent Christmas Eve watching colorized versions of the Dick Van Dyke show it should not surprise you that I am utterly charmed by retro anything, but I thought she was just the perfect antidote to the Christmas overload and I wanted to share, so check her out, she’s for sure my new fave and a reminder that in the midst of all the holiday chaos, there’s something to be said for the quiet moments.

{ all photos @polly.florence }





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