Fixture Perfect

Have I shared yet that we’re moving??  We have finally, at long last, bought a condo, trust me, it’s been a long time coming.  Real estate in South Florida is not easy or cheap, you have to make a lot of concessions, but we got really lucky with this one!  My husband originally wanted a house, but I wanted nothing to do with a house, no way no how.  It’s hard enough for me to keep up our small apartment (most of the time I’m so busy I barely feel like I have time to breathe!), so to add in multiple rooms and a yard (and you gotta blow everything down here and have landscapers all the time, it’s Sisyphean trust me), I was like, no way.  So we found a small unit with a spectacular view, right downtown (Miami, I’ve got my eye on you) where I can monitor literally all of Broward and Dade counties – I’m even going to get a barometer for weather prediction because I’m a nerd like that.

And now comes the fun part, the updates and decor.  This weekend we were focused on fixtures, trust me, you can go way down that rabbit hole, it’s actually kind of crazy, like, don’t I want to focus on throw pillows before I move to faucets?  Anyway, just sharing some of my favorite fixture inspiration courtesy of Pinterest, source links below!

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