Feeling Good Living Better

Feeling good, living better!  While I’m not 100% that a fully stocked bar cart is the key to living better, it certainly can be the key to feeling good, at least temporarily (till the next morning at least, lol!).  My bar days are long over, but I do love a well-styled bar cart, and these are some of the best I’ve seen in awhile.  I like all the extra additions like the books and flowers too, these are just sleek and perfect.  While I’m not a drinker so don’t keep booze in the house I had a water bar cart for awhile that worked just as well (in form if not function at least!); I collected a bunch of fancy sparkling water and juice bottles and then stocked it with champagne coupes and wine glasses, it looked really good!  Sadly I don’t have room for it in my new house, less dusting for me then.  But a bar cart is a relatively inexpensive and cool way to add visual interest to an empty corner, and hey, when utilized properly, can be interesting and cool too!  Happy Saturday ladies!

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