Farmhouse to the Maxxx

Soooo. We are building a house. In this pandemic right, where lumber is like $45,000 per square foot lol yes, yes, we are about to be right in the midst of it! Crazy right? Anyway, shockingly, I’m not that interested in the build, it’s on 9 acres of farmland in Vermont, out in the country, so it’s definitely rural. But you know me, I like that slick, shiny metro look, so I’ve kind of been thinking in my head, how am I going to make all that jell together? Well, I think I’ve found my inspiration, at least in part, in this gorgeous Memphis farmhouse. I just love love love the dark-washed interiors, the elegant and modern yet traditional touches, really just everything. I’m not big on making inspiration boards and all that stuff, another shocker I know, but definitely bookmarking this to see how much I can recreate on my little old TJ Maxx budget!

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    1. Oh my gosh Juliet thank you! Yes by the time we get through lumber priced at 3x what is should be I’ll be decorating from Goodwill ha ha (which is not always a bad thing!) Thank you for the encouragement!


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