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Big news! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but we are straight moving to Vermont! Okay, not full-time of course, no way I’m freezing through those winters or slogging through a New England spring (Hunter boots can only be hosed down so many times lol) but for summer and fall yup, we’re in. We looked at a lot of different places, we loved Burlington but it’s actually one of the most expensive towns in New England, not to mention that the market is crazy insane right now there, if you own a house there, for the love of God sell it, I guarantee you will get at least 10% over the asking price, no joke. So, we had to settle on a much smaller town, similar in name only, Bennington, which has its pluses and minuses (a college where even the squirrels wear black) but it’s super tiny and respectively remote (note: everything in Vermont is remote), and did I mention it’s small??

Which is a new thing for me, I’ve always lived in big cities, but since this is only part-time living, I think I can handle it. But here’s the beauty of it all, and what I say when people ask me why Vermont (outside of duh, the spectacular summer weather, gorgeous natural beauty and low cost of living), I tell them, this is a town where I don’t have to wear $60 foundation and designer shoes everyday (insert grimace emoji here). I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s because I work in visual media, but I get so beat down keeping up with my hair, my makeup, my clothes, and just having to be put together all the time. I mean, I don’t actually have to, it’s totally my choice, but South Florida is the kind of place where everyone is dressed to the nines on the daily, and it’s just in my nature to keep up. So the idea of being able to go somewhere part of the year where no one has ever heard of, or is much less able to pronounce Loewe, is incredibly appealing to me.

I really can’t wait to just wear jeans every day (which, let’s be honest I pretty much do anywhere, but they’re dress-up jeans lol) and not have to have my lipliner on fleek is just really exciting. I’m sure I’ll get sick of that part too, and long for the night I can go out to fancy sushi in a minidress (there are 3 Tastee Freezes in Bennington plus one Creemee stand but actually the best ice cream comes from the gas station and that’s kind of the town hangout) but hopefully the option to have both will fit my Gemini personality (and most importantly ensure that I’ll have good hair 365 days a year – goodbye summer humidity!).

So sorry for the novel, just wanted to keep you guys filled in, it will be a bit of a busy fall here so if you’re thinking of starting a new project, definitely book now, I’ll have a lot more time between now and September for work, and I’ll keep you posted (with pix I promise) on all the details, but for now the Blundstones are going, and the Armani is staying home. Hooray!

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