Falling In



{ photo sources: 1/2/3  }

Is everyone enjoying the first full weekend of fall?  My shopping trip was extraordinarily unsuccessful I literally bought one pair of earrings.  One!  I tried on multiple pairs of jeans (as I work from home jeans are my go-to, sadly), some shirts, some cute Vince burgundy suede slides (which felt like I was wearing ankle weights, so no go, I’ve become one of those women who actually buys shoes for the comfort factor – thanks 40th birthday!!), and a few skirts but nothing really rang my bell, so I came home pretty much empty-handed (but my wallet was full so I celebrated with my bff and tacos – big night out!).  There were tons of cute fall styles out there though, I just can’t buy them ’cause they’re too hot for here.  So I’m consoling myself with these lovely fall inspiration images – enjoy!


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