Falling for Fall

Soooo ready for fall fashion!  If I have to wear one more pair of shorts (which I do, for many more months lol!) I’m going to nut up.  But my reality is that it’s not time for heavy sweaters, jeans and boots yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these fab fall outfits!  I never got around to getting a pair of those lace-up flats, they might be out but I still kind of want some, and of course I’m always down for an oversized sweater and jeans, who isn’t?  And this gal at Happily Grey (first pic) is a B.A. fashion blogger, like I said the other day, I get most of my fashion news from reading Elle magazine by the pool, but I really like her blog, great style and quite the mastery with VSCO Cam.  So even if you have to sweat it out this weekend like a lot of the country will, I hope you enjoy my little fall fantasy, happy Friday ya’ll!


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