Fall Haul Street Style

It’s that time again! Fall fashion, the best fashion of all! Who is not excited to pull out their cozy sweaters and chunky boots, and best of all, no humidity so good hair! So, here’s the crazy thing (and ya’ll are going to have to listen to me go on about Vermont for the next two months so unsubscribe if you must, lol!). But, while I’m so excited for sweaters and boots (which I’ve been wearing since I got here to be honest), this is fashion un-central if you feel me. As predicted, there is probably not a soul in our little town who would know my Loewe slide from a Payless flip flop and that is no joke! And it is so, so wonderful! While I still really love perusing Pinterest for the latest fall looks, I also don’t have to rush out and search out that perfect leather jacket or pair of skinny jeans. People here do not dress up! Not only that, the only place to shop within 30 miles is Walmart (and yes I did zip down to Wally World the other day for some Cuddl-Duds to run in and a hat), but like, everyone just wears regular old levis and leggings. It’s just NOT a scene at all. I still love my jewelry though, I’m not giving that up, if you’re like me and will wear regular old jeans but can’t give up that bling, check some unique jewelry on Moon Magic site and complete your Autumn look.

And, as I knew I would, I am absolutely loving it. I can’t tell you how nice it is to go out without having to spend half an hour doing my makeup and picking out an outfit. I’ve basically quit wearing makeup and I do a braid every day. I’m becoming a hippie lol! Not really, I don’t have it in me but since I won’t be buying any fall fashion, I wanted to share some in case you guys want to, enjoy!

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