Everyone Needs a Zebra

Okay, you may or may not need a zebra, but we can all at least appreciate a giant zebra, right?  I don’t want to debate about taxidermy which is actually pretty darn creepy, so I’m going to assume these guys are replica zebras, I just love them because they’re so bold and unexpected.  I love anything design that makes a bold statement so of course half a zebra falls into this category lol.  I have my own taxidermy story too, so my friend bought a house that came pretty much furnished, and there was a giant deer head in the den.  No go for her, right?  And of course she thought of me.  So this was a number of years ago when antlers were everywhere (like, 2009 or something, the antler craze).  I hung him in my dining room and he looked pretty cool for awhile but then when I moved to south Florida, he didn’t come with me, he stayed in storage.  And then when I finally unpacked my storage, I knew there was no room for him at the inn, so to speak.  So, much to the delight of my tattooed, 20-something moving guy, he has found a happy home, living, no doubt, above a futon strewn with beer cans and rolling papers in Delray Beach, right where he belongs, woo hoo!

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