A lot of people make the mistake of over-decorating. They buy, buy and buy a bunch of things (and yes, I am so guilty of the $200 trip to Homegoods when all I really needed was a couple of new bath towels!). But what makes good decor really great? In my opinion, it’s one or two esteemable pieces: a statement chair, one really good piece of artwork, or an eclectic antique piece. And then build around it. Complement it, don’t overwhelm it.

It’s like my husband always shakes his head at me because I will straight up spend $500 on a pair of shoes, and well upwards of that on a handbag (not, like, frequently but I’ll for sure do it a few times a year at least), but then I get so excited when I find a clearance sweater for $6.99 at H & M. Why? Because I build my wardrobe around my shoes really, you can’t cut corners on shoes or handbags, but honestly who is going to know the difference between a $6.99 sweater and a $69.99 one (trust me they won’t). So that’s sort of my decorating scheme as well, and I love how these images totally showcase the art of the esteemable piece!

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