Eco Chic Wrapping

The gifting season is upon us – I have my mother-in-law and twin niece and nephew’s birthday in May, my mom’s birthday was in April and of course Easter and Mother’s Day.  With an eye to upcycling and reducing waste, I’ve been so inspired by these eco-chic wrappings.  I definitely reuse bows and gift bags, and one of my favorite wrapping hacks is natural raffia instead of ribbons and stick-on bows, but I’m loving these fabric and botanical wrapping ideas!  I don’t have a ton of fabric scraps lying around, but you could definitely find some at Goodwill or thrift stores, and I just love the natural touches, it doesn’t even have to be a flower, could just be a sprig of something green from your yard!  I hope these gift wrap hacks inspire you as much as they did me!

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