Dreaming of Decorative Concrete

We are putting up a decorative wood wall in our new house, it’s a brand new house, but I wanted some elements to look old and weathered, not an easy task, but we’re trying wide shiplap with a diluted ceiling white paint, the key is in mixing the paint batches so they match – we’ll see!  But I know that my husband and all of the contractors are delighted that I didn’t get it in my head to do decorative concrete, my newest obsession!  I love any kind of textured wall, floor or ceiling finish, and I’ve always loved the look of an industrial loft, so decorative concrete goes hand in hand with my favorite design vibe.  There aren’t nearly as many decorative concrete tutorials out there as there are to finish raw wood, but you can find them, in the meantime before I get too ambitious just contenting myself with this gorgeous concrete wall finish inspo!

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