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I have blogged a bunch of times before about my life for retro paintings and frames.  Like, the kind you can find at any small-town Goodwill (not here in south Florida though, our Goodwill is pretty much limited to broken-down Havianas and maybe a ripped or stained Lilly Pulitzer if you’re lucky).  But I used to live in a small town in Georgia, and man, that Goodwill was a treasure trove of stuff like this!  Picture 70s-style wood paneling, a brown plaid couch, and painting after painting of woodsy landscapes and hunting dogs – yes!  Who knows, dependent on where you’re from, you might even find a stash like this in your parents’ or grandparents’ garage.  Well, drag that shizz out, sister!!  Here are 3 fantastic examples of how cool those retro paintings can be, when grouped together against start white walls or paired with a retro chic Saarinen-style end table.  My point?  Think outside the box, stuff like this can be so hip in the right setting.  Get inspired!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }



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